Where is the cloud

What is the cloud?


The cloud also known as Cloud computing is a paradigm where computing resources are offered as a utility. In other words, the cloud is internet-based computing whereby groups of servers are networked to provide centralised data storage and online access to computer resources. Clouds can be classified as public, private or hybrid. Wikipedia.  There are different types of cloud that people tend to use like Google drive, Dropbox and iCloud.

The purpose of cloud computing comes down to storing/retrieving data using the Internet, whether it may be for personal use or corporate use. When using the cloud no information/data is stored on the appliance/hard drive, therefore the data is retrievable on any device, anytime (internet required). For example, emails are accessible on any device, at any time.

There are four types of cloud.

  • The First form is public.
  • The second is private
  • The third type is community.
  • The fourth type is hybrid.

Where is this cloud?

Cloud computing is a metaphor, that comes from computer diagrams. The cloud itself is an abstraction that represents the Internet. The “cloud” in cloud computing demonstrates a powerful resource that is rather complicated. Google, for example, is reported to own over one million servers spread across the globe to power everything from search to Web–based applications.  (First Monday.)

The actual location whereby the data is stored has not been discovered. For example, the provider could be based in the US, but their servers might be in China or any other country in the world. This example proposes that the data is very difficult to locate and know where it is actually stored, and the cloud provider may not necessarily disclose this.

Paradigm of Cloud


This image demonstrated all the significant resources that a cloud consists of. The main devices / appliances are displayed to be outside the cloud and inside the image of cloud are application, platform and infrastructure.







The images

Image 1 – http://www.clouderpc.com/10-reasons-cloud-computing-is-transforming-the-world/#.VDMTikujBFI

Image 2 – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud_computing

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